I Shout for Sprouts

For those of you not living in Arizona, California, Colorado or Texas, you have my deepest sympathies. For those of you who do, rejoice in your local Sprouts Farmers Market. It. Is. Awesome. As I’ve probably mentioned a bazillion times, I’m trying to get my health and body on a more natural, healthy path, and Sprouts has been there for me every step of the way.

I don’t even know where to start gushing. This store has THE cheapest produce I have ever seen. Not only that, but it’s all grown locally AND it’s always fresh and delicious (and they have a huge organic section, too). The fruit I get at conventional stores always tastes dull and spoils quickly after failing to ripen properly, but not Sprouts’ produce. It’s always juicy and bright and fresh. Whatever is in season is always on sale (10 kiwis for 2 bucks? Heck yes!). This is especially wonderful for those on us on somewhat tight budgets. Other natural stores (*cough* rhymes with “Shmole Shmoods” *cough*) tend to be way too pricey for me, but I can find almost everything at Sprouts for several dollars less.

I am also a huge fan of their meat and cheese selection. For me, I can find Hulk-sized chicken breasts (that are so free range that they got massages before they were killed) for an unbelievable price. For the boyfriend, who prefers his meat thick, bloody and from a cow, Sprouts has a great selection of juicy, beautiful steaks (great prices). We can also bind our intestines with some of their fresh cheeses, which come in, oh, just about every shape, size, color and type that you can think of.

For those who are into homeopathic remedies, probiotics, supplements and aromatherapy, Sprouts has got you covered until you die. I myself am not a partaker of any of the above, BUT I have seen people who come into the store and go “Ooooooh!”, so I’m guessing it’s all good. They also have a great selection of natural care body products (my kryptonite), which I have to be dragged away from every time we go. In addition, Sprouts sells natural cleaning products, baby supplies, dairy and eggs, cereals, bread, etc.

But by far the best thing about Sprouts (besides their produce) are the giant barrels of bulk flours, grains, cereals, rice, dried fruits, snacks and candy in the front of the store. This is especially good for someone like me, who is trying to be all about portion control. In the mood for gummi worms? Buy 10! Pay 30 cents! It’s also useful if I’m making a recipe that calls for a certain amount of an ingredient (i.e. rice or polenta) that I don’t use that often. This way, I can get what I need and nothing goes to waste, PLUS I save money.

So, for those of you who are lucky enough to live in a state that has Sprouts, PLEASE head on over and take a gander. It’s an incredible store with great finds, great prices and a friendly, helpful staff.