Could Marine Phytoplankton be the Ultimate Natural Health Product?

Marine Phytoplankton health benefits

In this industry, you get used to new products arising and the inevitable hype that follows. Plants which traditional peoples may been eating for millennia are suddenly discovered by the health product industry and suddenly they become intensely sought after.

Well, there’s not much more ancient than marine phytoplankton. In fact, it is likely the most ancient single species on this planet – the original plant from which all others followed. In fact, the ability of this plant to photosynthesise oxygen is likely why we’re all here. For millions of years, it’s been sitting their quietly in the ocean creating the air we we breathe, and injecting most of the available omega 3 fats into the oceanic food chain.

In the last ten years, the whales have found their preferred foodstuff hotly contested, however! Marine phytoplankton has arisen as the latest superfood and, looking at the statistics on paper, with every right. In fact, even a cursory glance at the nutritional profile makes most nutrition experts gasp because this stuff is a powerhouse!

We spoke with leading phytoplankton expert Agnes Richards, of British firm Plankton for Health. “Since our interest in this product arose in 2012,’ Edna told us, “we have been shocked and delighted by the positive uptake we’ve seen. We have received literally hundreds of testimonials from people recounting how this simple green powder has totally turned around complex health conditions. So we feel sure it’s here to stay, and offers a lot of positive benefits to the world we live in today.’